Securing spirituality is a specialized chapter within the Franciscanbrothers of Holy Cross. Its task is to assist the social organization as well as the members of the community in positioning themselves and developing spiritually and socially.

This is achieved in four separate areas of work: education, guiding principles, exhibitions, as well as media relations.

One focal point since early 2002 is the successful Franciscan course. This practical course was developed by the Franciscan fraternity on the basis of established distance learning material by the INFAG, an inter-Franciscan venture. There are ten evenings, an immersion weekend, a day school including a field trip, and an optional trip to Assisi .

The aims of the Franciscan course are:

- allow the participants to get to know the person Francis of Assisi

- convey the basics of Franciscan spirituality

- encourage questions of faith and doubt

- strengthen social contacts

- network with other faith communities

In addition to the described basic Franciscan course, an advanced course is also offered, as well as open events and meetings.

On 1 February 2006 a task force was established to integrate the guiding principles more tightly. The aim of this ongoing process is to integrate processes of work flow and decision-making within the Franciscanbrothers. Until spring 2007 a first report on the status quo should be completed, presenting suggestions for change. Beginning in summer 2007, these changes are set to be implemented.

The last previous exhibition conceived and implemented by the task force was about Bro. James Wirth, presented in the jubilee of 2005. The work was exhibited in a total of seven places over a period of over 15 weeks.

Further information about the social facilities provided by the Franciscanbrothers can be found here. (In German)

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Transl. by Didier Ruedin